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Iconoclasmic Showdowns! by Marx-Wraith7

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An Ocean Lost and Wings Eternal by Marx-Wraith7

Bird nipples in space by twistyprince

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I’m a Different Man…[Baten Kaitos] by Life-Of-The-Machine

Melodia Sketch by EricMHE

Machina Vanguard by EricMHE

Savyna- Baten Kaitos by CosplayerE

Sillier Vanguard Pic by EricMHE

Savyna by Dareedse


Up next is Lyude! My favorite. My baby.

Oh cutie, not only do you have my most beloved color palette to work with, but character-wise, you were one of the very few decent people who came out of that horrible Alfard nation. Remarkable you managed to retain a conscience and grew a strong sense of justice to boot. I chalk that up to good parenting (-.- …….). It’s safe to say that you were afflicted to have every bad thing happen to you always. Life sure loved to beat you with the misery stick sweetie and at the end of the day, we all just wanted to give you a hug  T^T

You were a blast to draw, but your face was a chore to get right.

His color scheme is very, very red.


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