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Motoi Sakuraba
Between the Winds
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Emerald Thrush

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A sketch/palette ringading I grew bored of.

I’m trying to get ready for Sabakon, but my attention span and those dang ether circuits are all sorts of disconnected.

I really wanna replay the Baten Kaitos games. I wish I wasn’t so busy and I’d be able to work on my game backlong, but see uh…

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Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy some green tea with little red head.

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and admit that this is probably one of the cutest pictures of Lyude I’ve ever had the pleasure of finding in my inbox and subsequently screaming over for half an hour. You just won all of the awards.  Congratulations. :)


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ok this was dumb

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The Greatest Plot Twists in Gaming

by Amy Conway on April 7, 2014

"Baten Kaitos is a bit of a cult classic JRPG that, again, never really made waves in Europe. None the less, it is a huge, beautiful and fantastic game that everyone should experience.

"At the beginning of Baten Kaitos you take on the role of a guardian spirit who is bonded to Kalas, a young man who is missing parts of his memories. Upon meeting a girl named Xelha, you discover that the Empire is trying to resurrect an evil god called Malpercio. It then becomes your job to stop them.

"A few dozen hours of saving the world later, things start to get a bit weird. Kalas begins to behave strangely and frequently breaks the fourth wall in a different way to how he has before, which completely throws you. It is then suddenly revealed that Kalas didn’t lose his memory at the beginning of the game at all, but you, the guardian spirit, did.

"Secretly the villain all along, Kalas had been working with the Empire to bring Malpercio back to life two years prior to the games’ events, when you really first met him. However, because you wouldn’t go along with his malicious plans, your memory was wiped and you were manipulated into believing you were helping the good guys. After Kalas reveals his true dark intentions, he fights your party, who had also been fooled, and runs off to destroy the world.

"However, in yet another twist, it turns out that Xelha was actually aware of Kalas’ betrayal and your missing memories the whole time, and was silently observing both of you to try and gauge how best to deal with the situation. After Kalas leaves the party, you instead bond with Xelha, who becomes the true hero of the story. In the game’s epic conclusion, Xelha reveals herself to be the Ice Queen, and the only one who can restore the long-lost ocean to the floating world in the sky."


More (and more serious) photos of my Angel of Darkness!Kalas cosplay as promised

I tried to make a set of at least 3 photos but these two were the only ones I liked so I guess that they will have to do for now

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And finally, we come to the end with The Great Mizuti!

The Great Mizuti be great. Strange, colorful, and capable of preforming the more terrifying special attacks out of the entire party o.o . Some of the more frightful being: devouring your enemies whole and spitting them out, instant death via crushing your adversaries by pulling them into a swirling vortex of time, and using your own shadow to drag opponents down into a darkness filled hellish dimension. Aahhh, fun times. Fun times.

The Great Mizuti be so amazing that many nights be devoted to sketching greatness alone! (So long =.=)

The Great Mizuti has ALL THE COLORS!


Thank you all for your support (especially you Jammi), this has been immensely enjoyable :) .

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Iconoclasmic Showdowns! by Marx-Wraith7

Kalas Tears His Wing by TheUnsungTrouvere

Nasca by ratscout

An Ocean Lost and Wings Eternal by Marx-Wraith7

Bird nipples in space by twistyprince

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